Hey you!ย 

Now that you have your new practice schedule, here are more details about what to expect:

  • No spectators. We know you love to watch your kids but until further notice weโ€™re limiting gym entry to players, coaches and staff. Youโ€™re welcome to watch practice online! Weโ€™re live streaming practices at sandiego.socalvbc.com/socal-live-courts. This is a private page just for members, the password is: bekind
  • Taking it slow. Our girls had three months off. Jumping into full speed volleyball is a recipe for an injury. Iโ€™m working with Physical Therapist Gwen Alden on practice plans that will rebuild our playersโ€™ athletic foundation…slowly. We want our girls to be rockinโ€™ for their next competitive season. (If your school cancelled their fall season, weโ€™ve expanded our Fall Ball Program. Your team can play with us!)
  • No mingling between teams. The county protocol requires we train in stable groups of 12 players (plus coaches). This means the same 12 players will remain together in a training pod, and will not mix with other pods. So there will be no inter-team scrimmages or tournaments until further notice. Players will not be required to wear masks while training.
  • Good times! Iโ€™m STOKED to get back in the gym with our teams. Weโ€™re offering lots of training options, come to whatever you can. If you canโ€™t make it, no problem. This place is for you guys! ๐Ÿ’•

Iโ€™m SO excited to get started. If you havenโ€™t already:

See you in the gym!!!


P.S. Practice check-in will take some time, so arrive a few minutes early and hang out in your car in the air conditioning until we GroupMe you to get in line!ย