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Beach Volleyball: There is no bench on the beach!

This program accelerates development of valuable skills like problem solving, court vision, ball control, quickness, power and volleyball IQ. Choose a program, below, to get started!

Please enroll your child for this event, by linking them to your MINDBODY account as a family member.


1. Log in to your MINDBODY account.
2. Select My Info, then Profile
3. Add your child with birthdate under Family Members, and press Save.

Otherwise you may not meet the age prerequisite for this event.

Tuesday &
Thursday Clinics
For girls and boys
$30 Single Drop-in
$300 Summer Package (12 sessions)

Bridgette Salas

Aurora Salas

Training Location

Mission Hills Church [map]
North Coast Church (Vista) [map]


This is an individual training program, so you don’t need a partner. We emphasize training as individual players. Learning to play with different people is very important. We will help athletes find partners for tournaments.


SoCal athletes, families and coaches are respectful, professional, and passionate competitors — and it’s important to participate in tournaments to test what you’ve learned in practice! So all athletes are welcome to play in all events. SoCal Beach coaches will work with you to set up your personal beach tournament schedule. 

Tournament Links