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Local Team Registration

For girls in 5th-12th grade — everyone makes a team!

This is a fun, low-stress, introductory program that teaches volleyball fundamentals with camaraderie and friendly-competition. Take full advantage of your SoCal Local Membership (See “Local Member Perks”). Many of our top Travel players start right here, where you are. So if transitioning to the world of club volleyball is your daughter’s goal, then she’s in the right place.

Local Member Perks!

✔ One training session per week (typically weekend mornings/afternoon)
✔ Spike-Fest Tournaments in Poway
✔ Uniform kit
✔ SoCal Player profile & email
✔ Open access to courts
✔ Full family Open Gym admission
✔ Summer training
✔ Wellness partner discounts

Complete form, below, to register. We’ll email you with your team assignment.