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Scott is one of the founders and directors of SoCal Athletics, Inc., the non-profit organization that owns and operates SoCal VBC.

Return to Play Plan

👋 Hello SoCal Members!

Every month, Scott and I try to give you a comprehensive view of the work that’s gone into the previous month, where we are, and what’s next…

For the most part, it’s been limited to what’s gone into the last month and where we are presently. We’re now ready for “what’s next” − so let’s get started!

There is a lot of information here so maybe put this aside until you have time to read it all.

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Government, Governing Bodies and Our Peers
Programming and Facility
Fall Plans
Credits and Refunds
When You’re Ready

Safety Measures

Government, Governing Bodies and Our Peers
The hardest part of determining our emergence path has been trying to figure out how our business is defined. We’ve concluded, with our peers and government officials that the youth sports industry and specifically, our facility and business is undefined.

So our goal over the past month has been to create definitions based on the local, county and state guidelines to develop a Health and Safety Plan for our industry. We sit on multiple councils and industry groups and provide guidance to Congress, local mayors and county supervisors.

The objective has been to take the guidelines of defined industries, overlay them on ours and then exceed the requirements that one could reasonably expect in order to safely return to our facility. We believe we’ve done that.

There is a political divide between California Governor Newsom and our local leaders like County Supervisors Gaspar and Desmond and most of the city mayors like San Marcos Mayor Rebecca Jones (a big fan of our program).

Our task is complicated by this divide but we’ve worked through the state and county requirements for businesses, filed our request to open with the county and have used all of the governing body health guidelines to return to sport. This is a phased approach with willingness to scale back immediately as required by health and safety concerns.

We also have the ability to monitor other clubs and programs across the country and even some clubs in Riverside County that are taking a similar, phased and cautious step forward. Viper and Forza1 in Temecula are moving to re-open as early as next week, May 18th. This comes with the support of the San Diego and Los Angeles clubs and was made possible because Riverside County has taken measures to open businesses.

We are not far behind.

In addition to following government guidance, we are working with USAV’s guidelines for returning to the sport, and we monitor The Aspen Institute – Project Play, Game On San Diego, Play Sports Coalition, San Diego County Health Department, JVA and AAU organizations among many others.

Programming and Facility
We anticipate further state and county guidance that will allow us, and others, to open in a few weeks. We’re planning for June 1st. If that is the case, our training season will extend until the end of July.

We recognize that returning to SoCal, or any public facility for that matter, is a personal decision made by each family.  There is no “right” or “wrong” decision, it is yours and has our full support.

Our goal with the first two phases is to provide families with an outlet for physical and mental wellness and put your decision to participate in your hands. We are here, ready, motivated and yearning to see you, but only when you are ready. 

  • Phase 1 – Allow persons in the same household to reserve a court for their family, small group training and private lessons.
  • Phase 2 – Low density team training (i.e. small groups spread over all courts). No spectators.
  • Phase 3 – Team training with no spectators. Practices streamed for viewing.
  • Phase 4 – Team training with spectators

In preparation for your use, the facility has been professionally sanitized and we have removed tables, chairs, bleachers, all whiteboard accessories, and wood boxes; the water fountain is covered, Peace Cafe is closed, the store is closed and administrative offices are closed to the public.

Hand sanitizer is available on each court and at the entrance. Both court bathrooms remain open for “emergencies” only and are sanitized after each training session: toilet, sink, and door handles.

We will have at least one additional Customer Service Representative (CSR) staff member on site strictly for sanitizing, tracking player activity and cleaning after training ends. We will be allowing a minimum of 30 mins between training for cleaning purposes with two CSR’s present during Phases 3 and 4 to ensure these cleaning services happen and are effective. Before returning to the gym, we’ll ask that members sign a new health waiver (online, or at the door).

We’ve worked hard getting the facility ready for you. It’s still the warm inviting space it has always been but we’ve taken extra precautions. It’s been professionally disinfected and adheres to all of the county requirements for reopening and suggested best-practices by our industry. A few things you will notice:

  • Sanitizing supplies on each court
  • TV screens provide health messaging
  • Clearance of extra equipment from gym
  • No spectators until Phase 4 of our plan 
  • Entrance and Exit Procedures
  • Streaming video service for parental viewing of practice
  • Front and rear video doorbells
  • New waiver
  • Color coded balls on each court
  • Full-time staff for gym monitoring of health standards
  • Courts separated by dasher boards

WE SEE YOU!!! And, boy, do we miss you. Yes, we will be doing your commitment banners in the gym just as soon as we are allowed to provide the celebration that you all deserve. In the meantime, we will continue to use our media outlets…and maybe a few surprises…to show you that we are thinking of you.

These events are difficult to track as dates are postponed or are still on the calendar, although it’s likely they will be cancelled.

Most of the USA Volleyball Junior Olympic Qualifiers have been cancelled even though the USA Junior Olympics in Dallas is still on the calendar along with the Volleyball Festival in Phoenix. SCVA Mandatory Tournaments and Local Tournaments are being rescheduled into July although we think they may ultimately be cancelled.  

So, will we get to compete against other clubs? Very likely. SoCal is working with other large clubs in our region to develop a series of tournaments that will not require that we travel outside the region and will play at each other’s facilities in specific age groups and levels.

This regional approach may be how the SCVA operates in the future with the addition of a Power Pool for gold level teams.

Fall Plans
We hope and expect all of the high schools, colleges and universities will be able to safely open.

Our position on participating with your schools in the fall has not changed. Representing your school and playing with your classmates is a memorable experience. 

In any case, SoCal’s Fall Ball program can provide additional programming to support any volleyball that may be cancelled by CIF and your university. This is to say that we may expand the Fall Ball program to allow for specific teams of students from a particular high school to train and compete together.

Also, there may be a number of college student-athletes that remain in the San Diego area that do not report to their fall college semester. SoCal is considering expanded programming in the USAV Open Division to support your continued training.

Credits and Refunds
No membership-based business sets themselves up to manage this type of business interruption and as a 501(c)3 non-profit, maintaining cash-flow is critical to our fiscal health.

Our membership has done a great job maintaining tuition payments through this and has given us time to develop the process for credits and refunds. Some of the information and assumptions we are using include but are not limited to:

  1. SoCal will offer a majority of the training contracted by the members through July.
  2. Multi-day and tournaments requiring airline travel may not happen. These may be replaced by alternative tournaments we can drive to.
  3. The SCVA tournament season may be cancelled. These may be replaced by friendly tournaments between clubs in our region.  
  4. SoCal will offer refunds for the tournaments fees portion of tuition paid and cancelled. We are currently tracking and waiting on the refunds from the tournament organizers for events that SoCal pre-paid.
  5. SoCal will be offering credit for any portion of the training that is not provided to the member. These credits can be used for any SoCal service.
  6. Credits will be based on the member being in good payment standing and will be based on the full cost of tuition for a given program.

You should expect statements to come out by the end of July since we will have received any tournament refunds for end of year tournaments by then. We will also know how much team training we have successfully provided by then.

Is our process perfect? No, but we are guided, in some ways, by many of the same unknowns that you are.

We welcome feedback and communication on how we are doing…good or bad. We understand that aside from your children, your personal finances may be the next most personal and sensitive issue to your family.

No matter what your financial standing with the club, your daughter will be welcome to attend all activities associated with her current team through July. We have always prided ourselves on working with our members − that isn’t changing.   

When You’re Ready
June 1st is right around the corner and we are working hard to hit this target even if it continues to be elusive.

Could it change? Of course and should not be surprising if it does.

As community stewards, our responsibility is to listen to the guidance of our healthcare professionals. We don’t need to be heroes in a crisis that jeopardizes the health of your children. We do need to be their heroes of support and recovery when the time comes.

SoCal is still the warm, colorful, supportive club-house and second home it’s always been for you and your family. We can’t wait to be there with you, no matter what that looks like.

See you soon, SoCaliens!

Aimee Asebroek
SoCal Volleyball Club Director

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Planning for College? You’re Going to Want FREE Money. Here’s a Checklist.

Whether you’re a student or parent, years away from college or just about to start, the following checklists will help you get ready.

  • Elementary School Checklist: Student and parent checklists that start the student on the road to enjoying learning and point the parent to resources for college savings accounts.
  • Middle School Checklist: Student and parent checklists that get the student thinking about high school and possible careers and encourage the parent to keep an eye on the student’s progress.

Article reposted from Federal Student Aid Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

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18s Travel Coaches Announced!

Register for Tryouts

Join a character-driven volleyball team!

Refer a new friend, tryout for free!
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Head Coach

Lianne Vicchio
Competitive, Caring, Thoughtful
Email: [email protected]

Volleyball Instructor, CSUSM Assistant Coach

Played at Stanislaus State
Previously assisted at Montana State Univeristy and Montana State-Billings

A Northern California native, Vicchio played for CCAA conference member Stanislaus State from 2008-11. As a Warrior, Vicchio finished her career in the Top-5 in kills in the conference and kills per set. She was a two-time All-CCAA first team selection. After earning her undergraduate degree in Child Development, Social Services in 2011, Vicchio stayed on at Stanislaus to serve as an assistant coach for two more seasons and was involved in everyday coaching, recruiting, camps, clinics and planning travel arrangements. She also spent time coaching clinics and head coaching at Rage Volleyball Club out of Stockton, CA.

In June of 2014, Vicchio was hired as an assistant coach at Division I Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana. She spent one season with the Bobcats before moving over to the Montana State–Billings in 2015. Vicchio most recently was hired in March as assistant coach with the Cougars at California State University San Marcos.

“My goal is to create a positive mentoring environment that supports growth in individual skills, team cohesion, a competitive culture and work ethic. Actions speak louder than words.”

Head Coach

Grady Robbins
Goofy, Analytical, Encouraging
Email: [email protected]

Volleyball Instructor, Loyola Marymount University Graduate
Former assistant Coach at Loyola Marymount University
President and Head Coach of the LMU Club Volleyball Program

Grady is a welcomed addition to the SoCal staff this season, and comes to the program with varied coaching experience at the club level, as well as the college level. He trained and mentored players while head coaching clinics at Nfinity Volleyball Club in Torrance, and coached teams at the 15s-18s level in a stint at South Bay Volleyball Club in Carson.

A passionate player from Torrey Pines High School, Grady is excited to coach back in his home territory of North County and looks forward to again training and motivating young girls.

Head Coach

Dave Faleumu
E-mail: [email protected]

High School Coach at RBV
Ran the City of Vista (Vista recreation program) girls’ volleyball program
Former Vista High coach

Dave is a very passionate veteran of youth volleyball in our community.Dave formerly coached the Frosh team at Vista High School, and currently coaches the JV team at RBV. Dave has been coaching at SoCal VBC for the past four years at all levels.

Dave is also a former rugby player, having played for the All Blacks, as well as, the Samoan National Team. Dave also coached the U19 Samoan International team for over a year and half.

Register Here

Join us for 17s/18s (Juniors/Seniors) Tryouts!

One-time tryout fee $30 online, $40 at the door

Sunday, November 12th 12:00-2:00pm
Monday, November 13th 7:00-9:00pm
Tuesday, November 14th 5:30-7:30pm
Registration/Uniforms Thursday, November 16th 4:30-7:30pm

Register Here

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Does Body Language Matter to a Coach?

Let’s hear it right from the coach’s mouth.  Here is UConn basketball coach Geno Auriemma on body language and the type of players he recruits.

They are watching…and it matters. #stayhumble

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This Week at SoCal with Aimee Asebroek – 8/1/16

Gym renovation week as we prepare for our new floors. Member Open House this Saturday.
Fall Ball Registration this Saturday, August 6th. Walk-ins welcome.
Good luck with high school tryouts.

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Announcing Facility Upgrades – Investing in the Future

char·ac·ter – kerəktər/noun

  1. the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual.

“The truth of your character is expressed through the choice of your actions” -Dr. Steve Maraboli

SoCal VBC didn’t always have a motto. Since day one we’ve been a uniquely considerate club, but our creed wasn’t officially established until 2012; when Aimee and I sat down with members and staff and defined what we’re about. We unanimously agreed. We’re “character through kindness.”

We’ve dedicated a whole month to “be[ing] kind,” but what about character?

You don’t teach someone to have strong character, you inspire it with your actions.

There is a fork in the road, and you have to decide: the hard path, or the easy path…and the caravan is watching.

The hard path takes blood, sweat, and grit. It takes challenging the status quo. It takes innovation. But we SoCalians have incredible character, and when we may feel like turning back, we brace our backs, strain our eyes and see that light on the horizon, and press on.

In a time of apathy and pessimism, SoCalians are engaged and compassionate—it’s our character through kindness.

Kindness influences every decision Aimee and I make for SoCal Athletics. Because we see our future leaders watching, so we shape the path.

And that means exciting things for you!


We recently received a grant designated for facility improvements.

For any changes to our program, our litmus test is, “Will it benefit our members?” We’ve found that economically and ecologically responsible projects are the ideal meld of character through kindness, as it helps reduce cost for our members, and has positive long-term benefits.


Members are already enjoying the energy efficient ceiling fans and ventilated gates for improved temperature control. And since May, a water fountain/bottle filling station is tracking every plastic bottle we save from a landfill.



In the last week of July we’re getting Tarkett flooring. This flooring has the most impact absorption available at 8.3mm. It will run wall-to-wall increasing gym space by 20% and eliminate the carpeted areas between courts. Installation will take ten days, but won’t interrupt club activities.

SoCal VB Club 2

There is so much great information about this product online but if you want to geek-out on some of the technical stuff, here you go.

• Contains 50% natural materials • No REACH restricted chemicals • No California Proposition 65 restricted chemicals • No Formaldehyde • Free of lead, cadmium, and mercury • ISO 14001 certified manufacturing • 63% reduction in water use over six years • 29% reduction in VOCs over six years • 133% increase in recycling since 2003 • A history of conservation and recycling • TopClean™ XP treatment reduces maintenance • TVOC emissions: <100 µg/m3 after 28 days (ISO 16000) • TVOC emissions: <0.5 µg/m3 after 24 hours (ASTM D5116) • FloorScore® certified • Certified asthma & allergy friendly™ • Requires no harsh chemicals to maintain • Top Clean™ xp treatment reduces maintenance • 100% recyclable* • 24% pre-consumer recycled content • 98% adhesive-free installation with GreenLay™ • Virtually no adhesive contamination with GreenLay™ • Easier floor removal with GreenLay™ • Less landfill waste with GreenLay™


Over the next few months, we’re installing a 42 kW solar system on the roof. This lowers our carbon footprint and electrical bill significantly each month. This is also an educational opportunity for players, and while the California legislation catches up, it lays the groundwork for a community solar garden.

solar array


We follow SDG&E rebate opportunities for eliminating or lowering upgrade costs and SoCal just completed a 5 year upgrade waiting period after putting in energy efficient lighting in 2010. This summer we’re upgrading our interior and exterior lighting to meet higher efficiency standards while also creating more light inside and out.


  • High Efficacy: High bay LED lighting fixtures deliver high efficacies or lumens per watt.
  • Energy Efficient: Fixtures require minimal energy to operate and operate coolly, delivering savings of up to 70% on energy costs.
  • Controllable: Unlike traditional sources, control such as dimming and on/off with occupancy sensors has no negative effect on the lifetime of high bay LED.
  • Long Lifetimes: A fixture’s L70 lifetime is the number of hours of operation at which the light output of the LEDs has decreased to 70% of initial output. Essentials fixtures have 92.3% lumen maintenance at 70,000 hours (77°F/25°C ambient) and an L70 predicted life of more than 200,000 hours.
  • Extremely Low Maintenance: Fixtures are backed by an industry-leading 5-year warranty. They require virtually no maintenance for the lifetime of the fixture.
  • No Bulb Disposal/Storage Fees: Fixtures include no mercury or hazardous materials that require special disposal methods.
  • Instant On: No warm-up period is required.


One of the biggest investments this year is in the development of My SoCal. This system confirms our commitment to every player in this club to bring them the services we consider world class for a youth athletics program.  My SoCal is an integrated profile for every player at SoCal Volleyball Club (SoCal VBC). Each player receives a My SoCal login that gives them access to their personal Dashboard. Mobile and PC friendly, the Dashboard simplifies club and college recruiting communications throughout the player’s entire SoCal VBC career.

Introducing (1)

What does My SoCal include?

SoCal Player Profile

Syncs to our database, so college coaches can view your videos, stats and contact you directly.

College Resource Center

Expertly curated academic, athletic, and financial aid resources on your Dashboard.

SoCal Recruiting Advisors

Get expert advice from caring staff. Plus stay compliant with governing athletic bodies.

ClipCast Services

Effective, user-friendly skills video software, so you can craft your own highlight tape — anytime.

1,700+ College Search

Filter by enrollment size, rigor, tuition, etc. And have direct access to college coaches.

Full Suite of Google Apps

Streamlines all club and recruiting communication, all at your fingertips, 24/7.

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SoCal Bets on New Video Service for Members in Vegas

One of the most difficult, expensive and time consuming challenges facing SoCal members was addressed last weekend in Las Vegas at the Las Vega Classic.  Video collection, editing and distribution is the single most daunting issues facing parents when attending volleyball events for college recruiting.  ClipCast takes advantage of the ubiquity of high quality cameras built into smart phones and the inherent networking capability that allows other people to take advantage of those cameras without interfering with their ability to enjoy watching the game.  Once logged into the service, members can view the match and tag videos they would like in their account from the comfort of their seat.


SoCal has teamed up with ClipCast and rolled out an extensive test with four teams while attending the college showcase tournament over President’s Day weekend and the results were outstanding.  Over the weekend, SoCal used the system with the following results:


  • 33 matches total (each team had 8, except GU18 Kirby with 9)
  • Unique tags
    • 1,852 total
    • Ave per match – 56
  • Clips
    • 2,182 total
    • Ave per match – 66
  • Users
    • Ave camera angles per match – 1.5
    • Ave taggers per match – 4.8

By Team

GU16 Mary Jo GU18 Andrea GU18 Melia GU18 Kirby
Parent Invites 14 15 15 14
Parent Accounts 7 7 8 10
Player Accounts 3 2 1 2
Ave tags/match 64.5 45.8 44.3 68.4
Ave clips/match 78.4 76.1 43.0 66.9
Ave camera angles/match 2.1 1.6 1.0 1.3
Ave taggers/match 7.5 2.9 2.0 6.7

SoCal plans to roll out this service to all of their members and use for college recruiting, training and allow the members a single, simple repository for their video collection of their child.

SoCal Bets on New Video Service for Members in Vegas2016-02-17T07:33:52-08:00
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