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Audrey is the General Manager at SoCal Athletics. A former All-American, she's holds a B.A. in Psychology from UCSD and a Masters of Science in Applied Clinical Nutrition.
29 08, 2019

The Uniqueness of Volleyball

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This article should be explained to (and understood by) all parents in your program, as volleyball is known as a sport that is not a “parent-pleaser.” In volleyball, the game is so unique because, first and foremost, players must rebound the ball. All other major American sports allow the player either to hold or pause with the ball during the game action. Look at the balls skills of [...]

23 08, 2019

No Bench In Beach

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To say that playing beach volleyball is fun is an understatement. It's super fun! With only two people on the court, every athlete is guaranteed touches and growth when they set foot on the court. The major benefits of playing beach is the lack of a bench and your ability to choose your own partner. But an often underestimated benefits is the culture of beach volleyball [...]

24 07, 2019

2020 15-18U Travel Program Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, this is the same SCVA Travel program that previously had November tryouts. The SCVA changed tryouts and registration for 2019-2020. They're now BEFORE the high school season. Teams form in July and start practicing after Nov. 29th (and after your CIF season) Below is our 2020 15-18U Coaching Team. Once tryouts begin, we'll contact you with your team assignment as soon as it's available. [...]

30 05, 2019

Leaving the Nest

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By Patricia Doherty June of 2019 marks such a huge occasion in my life. As most of you may know, my daughter Emma, setter on 18-Aurora, will be graduating high school. Emma has been at SoCal since we moved here to California in 2013 -- just in time for 13’s tryouts! Shhh - don’t tell anyone , but Emma also tried out at another [...]

14 01, 2019

You are Paying for Practice, Not Playing | USA Volleyball

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BY JOHN KESSEL | MARCH 30, 2015, 3:46 P.M. (ET) The glow of your child being chosen to play for a club, perhaps even the experience of having to choose between multiple clubs and not cut, has faded. In the heart of the season, coaches begin making decisions on playing time based on both what they have seen in practices and tournaments. Depending on the team size, you are likely to [...]

14 01, 2019

Volleyball Parent FAQ | USA Volleyball

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BY ANDREA BUCKNER, LANCASTER, PA., CAP II | JAN. 01, 2017, 3:50 P.M. (ET) If you ask most junior volleyball coaches the worst part of being a coach, they will say the parents. After nearly 20 years of coaching and 16 of teaching high school science, I can honestly say I have had great experiences dealing with parents. In almost every case, the issue has been one of perceived ‘fairness.’ I can’t remember [...]

21 11, 2018

How to have a great Rudolph Rally

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1. Get in the Holiday Spirit! Leave your scoreboard at home and bring your holiday cheer. This is a fun, team-bonding event with many teams gathering for the first time. Enjoy the costumes, volleyball, and getting to know your teammates, families and coach. Take lots of photos and be sure to tag us @socalvbc via GIPHY 2. Bring your "entry fee" Players and spectators entry fee [...]