Hi Everybody, Aimee here at SoCal VBC with all the news and updates from the club!

15-Taylor finished 3-0, 14-Aimee finished 2-1, 18-Grady went 2-1, 12-Angel finished 2-1, 12-Kerena went 2-1, and 14 Shaina finished 2-1 this past weekend. Great job teams! Congrats to Kelly and Gabby on finishing in 1st Place this weekend during our New Year Beach Tournament. 16s and 14s play this weekend, be on the look out to reserve the bus. Our new Sports Performance Program started this week, make sure to sign up. We will be hosting a College Coach Panel on Thursday, Feb. 9th from 4:30-5:30pm. The panel will have all female college coaches that will talk about getting into coaching, sports administration, and recruitment. Keep a lookout for our College Recruiting Google Classroom coming up as well.

We have raised over $12,000 club wide with Snap!Raise! Please continue to share this fundraiser on your social media! We have started an interest list for the Spain Volleyball Trip 2017. Open to 15s-18s this summer starting July 10th -we would love to take at least one team on this volleyball adventure abroad.

SoCal Bus Reservation: Reserve your seat this weekend!

Boys Middle School Boys Winter Ball: We have spaces available for more boys!

Sports Performance Program: Workouts officially started this week. Make sure to sign up for your preferred class time!

Spain Volleyball Trip 2017: Find out more about what we will be doing in Spain this summer:)

ISPE: Independent Study Physical Education (ISPE) is an innovative way to meet physical education requirements. Charter and Homeschool students can earn hours for needed credit.