Our first round of Fall tournaments are upon us and we are stoked!  Tournaments are exciting for the kids, coaches and families, as it’s the team’s opportunity to show what they’ve learned in practice, and to spend quality time competing with their new buds.  For those of you that haven’t participated in a team program at SoCal before, I’d like to fill you in on what to expect when your team goes to tournament.  If you have any additional questions, please reach out to me, or your coach anytime in GroupMe.

Where is My Tournament?
All Fall Ball tournaments are located at Epic Volleyball Club in Poway.  The address is 13955 Stowe Drive Poway, CA 92064.  Here are driving directions: From I-15: Exit Mercy Road/Scripps Poway Parkway.  Go EAST 5 miles to Stowe Dr.  Turn left, go past one stop sign. Building is on the left.  Observe parking signs.  Inside the gym you’ll find a well-stocked snack bar and a small pro-shop.  Unfortunately, not all of the courts have seating, so you may have to sit on the ground as a spectator.

How do I know my schedule for the day?
If your coach hasn’t sent you your schedule, you can always find it by going to the Spike-Fest Fall Series website, www.fall-series.com and clicking on the “play schedule” link on the left hand side.  You’ll then select the date for the upcoming tournament, which will take you to the pools and schedule for that weekend.  Find your daughter’s team to see who her opponents are, where their team sits in their pool (this determines their play schedule), and the start time for their pool (either 7:30am, or 1:30pm).  Pools that begin at 7:30am will be done around 12:30pm, and pools that begin at 1:30pm will typically be done around 6:30.  Could be shorter or longer depending upon how competitive the matches are, and whether your team is in a 3, 4 or 5 team pool.  The rule of thumb is to arrive 45 minutes to an hour early before your pool’s start time.  The gym will be open by 6:45am.  If your team plays at 1:30pm, please don’t arrive before 12:45pm.

Each team, depending upon their position in the pool, will have a different schedule that will including either playing, sitting out, or refereeing.  Below, you can view each team’s play schedule so that you can map out your day.  For example, if your team plays first in the pool, your coach may want you to arrive earlier than if you play second, or if you ref first.

4-team pools 5-team pools 5-team pool, 2 courts
Play Ref Play Ref Play Ref
1-3 2 1-5 4 1-5, 2-4 3
2-4 1 2-4 3 1-3, 2-5 4
1-4 3 1-3 2 1-2, 3-4 5
2-3 1 2-5 1 -BREAK-
3-4 2 3-4 5 1-4, 3-5 2
1-2 4 1-2 4 2-3, 4-5 1
3-5 1
1-4 2
2-3 5
4-5 3
All matches will be best two out of three games. In four team pools, matches will be rally score to 25 in games 1 & 2, to 15 in game 3 (if needed). In five team pools on one court, games 1 & 2 will start at 10-10 and will play to 25. Third game will start at 0-0 and will be played to 15 (if needed). In five team pools on two courts, all games will start at 0-0.

How do we coordinate our team camp?
Team camping is one of the most fun parts of the day.  It’s a great opportunity for kids and parents to bond in a common space and creates a great sense of community for the team.  Your coach will help coordinate the logistics of team camping, but essentially, parents need to bring chairs, an EZ-up, tables and food for the team to share.  Each team will be provided 1 ½ parking spaces on the west side of the building to set up a team camp.  Please reach out to your coach if you’d like to help bring items for the team to share at camp, or if you’d like to volunteer as a team parent that can help get the parents organized.  It’s much more fun to have a team camp- it’s your team’s home base at tournaments.

What should I wear?
Please wear your SoCal jersey and black spandex.  Don’t forget kneepads and protective braces if you wear them.  Look to your coach for any additional team wear (ie: team socks, team hair ribbons, etc.).  Jerseys will be handed out in practice this week.  You can find socks, spandex, shoes, sports bras, and parent spirit wear at our Store at SoCal Athletics!! Come in and shop with us before the tournament!

What is SoCal’s playing time policy?
All players will play in every match (a match is 2 out 3 sets).  Not every player will receive equal playing time.  Playing time can be earned through effort, attitude, attendance, and benefit to the team’s overall success.  The coaches do a great job of preparing every player on the team with an expectation for their role and playing time, so please discuss that with your daughter and do not approach the coach about playing time.  Fall Ball is a competitive program and lead-in to our regular season, so teams are playing to be as competitive as possible while maintaining team harmony.  If you would like to speak to your coach about your daughter’s role on the team, you’re welcome to do so, but always schedule an appointment first, and always allow for a 24-hour “cooling down” period.

Are there any other rules?
Epic VBC has the following rules that everyone should know:

Court rules:

  •                 WATER ONLY on the courts
  •                 NO Coffee, Gatorade, Soda (anything that has sugar)
  •                 NO Chairs that have any metal or plastic. (All foam is ok)
  •                 NO Food
  •                 NO Player Bags

Gym rules:

  •                 NO Player Bags
  •                 NO Coolers
  •                 NO Chairs
  •                 NO Pets
  •                 NO Team Camps

Outside Rules:

  •                 NO Ball Handling
  •                 NO BBQs or gas/propane burners
  •                 NO Pets
  •                 NO Parking on the streets
  •                 NO Alcohol

That’s it for now!  Make sure you have joined your team’s GroupMe so that you are receiving the latest schedules and updates from your coach.  Have a blast at tournaments and let us know if there’s anything we can do for you to ensure your Fall Ball season is EXCELLENT!

See you in the gym!