Hey you!

Every single day, we wake up excited to get in the gym, and thankful to be able to call SoCal our hobby, our passion, our career, our home. It’s not the easiest thing we’ve ever done, but it’s by far the most rewarding, and the most fun. We’re thankful every day to have your family here, sharing in the adventure.Devoting ourselves to this club has been one of the greatest joys of our lives. This year in particular in our beautiful new facility has been one of the most memorable and exciting we’ve had– and really, a reinvention and rediscovery of the club. We are striving to live out our mission every day, by helping to support the city of San Marcos’ youth athletics programs, and forging new relationships with many of the local schools and city leaders. We are also active every day on the college recruiting front, and every one of our soon-to-be Seniors are well on their way to college. For us, whether a player decides to play volleyball in college or not, they’re going, and we’ve worked to put them on a path to get there. Few people have the daily opportunity to work with kids like yours. Your kids are beautiful and bright and hilarious and bizarre and interesting and talented. They are hardworking, and thirsty for knowledge. Some are more athletic than others, some are taller, some are stronger, but every one of them shares a passion for being part of a community bigger than them. When they walk in the gym, the playing field is even. Every single one of them is important here. They are our family, and each other’s. Our hope at the end of the season, is not only that they have grown as volleyball players, but that they have grown as friends, as students, as people and as community leaders. We hope that they take what they have cultivated here out into their lives and that the lessons they learn in the gym grow and evolve with every passing year. Our staff is unparalleled, and the club is a total reflection of the love and commitment they put into the season as well. Wherever your family’s path takes you in the off season, we hope that it leads back here, as we look forward to continuing sharing in your lives and letting you share in ours for years to come. Thank you all for a wonderful season!

See you in the gym!
Aimee & Scott