October 13, 2020

Dear All Club Directors,

The SCVA staff worked very hard to get our athletes back on the court. Last weekend, we were overjoyed with being able to host the Boys 16s Qualifying. The officials, coaches, and athletes were so understanding of the new policies and procedures that took place throughout the weekend. They understood that underneath all of the hassle was the pure intention of keeping everyone as safe as possible. In addition, the parents were absolutely amazing! They too followed the procedures without comments or complaints. Everyone appeared to be truly excited to be back in the gym.

Unfortunately, that was last weekend. This weekend the SCVA is having to postpone and/or cancel the scheduled events. We have been notified that the local police will abide by the current restrictions on youth sports and gatherings. Thus, the SCVA does NOT want any of our attendees to have to experience a closure by the authorities. We apologize to those who were looking forward to the Boys 18s Qualifying, Girls 16s Qualifying, or to the Girls 18s Qualifying.

The SCVA is struggling with moving forward. The importance of youth sports in the development and mental health of our children is becoming more apparent, however we are also having to navigate legal matters. Some counties are moving forward in re-opening against the Governor’s mandates, while other counties are not. While the SCVA uses facilities in various counties, we must remain consistent in either running events or not.

The SCVA will be working diligently to try and modify schedules again. IF the SCVA is able to organize an event, the events are completely optional to attend. Clubs, teams, and their families need to decide if they want to participate in the current environment or not.

We appreciate all of your continued support!

Thank you,

Shannon Davenport
Director of Operations

[email protected]
SCVA (657)600-9898
Direct (657)577-9800