SoCal Members,

San Diego County approved our reopening under Governor Newsom’s “Day Camp” protocol.  New team practice schedules start Wednesday, June 10th!

In preparation we’ve gone above and beyond our industry’s standards so our gym is safe with sustainable sanitation and social distancing practices. Nothing matters more to us than you and your family’s safety and comfort in our gym.

Before we jump into your schedule, I need you to do these two things first:

  1. Watch this important 5m 27s video:
  2. Have the player’s parent/guardian submit a waiver:

Finished 1 and 2? Great! Now, to recover missed training, you’ll have some of your original practice schedule and additional team training opportunities. Your schedule will be posted in the team’s GroupMe.

I’m not comfortable returning or can’t make it.
The SoCal Athletics gym is your home, whether you can be here, or not. We know you may not be ready to come back, or may not be able to attend your new practice schedule. We completely understand. If you miss practice your daughter is still a part of SoCal. 

Will practice be just like before?
COVID-19 changed many of our lives. Your coach may not be able to make all of your practices. If that’s the case, the SoCal Coaching Team has your back. If your coach is not available, I promise your child will be coached by one of our experienced, kind and supportive coaches.

Tomorrow I’m posting more information about how we’re structuring practices. 

See you in the gym − I’ve missed you!