SoCal Member Emma Doherty recently signed with William Woods University to play volleyball and study American Sign Language. She shared her process and the exact steps she took to achieve recruiting success. Many college programs will have a recruiting questionnaire, so the contact order of operation can be confusing. Do you send the coach an email first? Fill out recruiting questionnaire second? Vice versa? Or even doing them both in quick succession or spacing them out? Here’s what Emma did!

Enter Emma

I requested information from the school, completed the recruiting questionnaire, and then emailed the coach — sometimes on the same night, sometimes staggered a few days. I also followed the school and sports team on social media. I’ve heard that admissions counselors review who actually shows interest in the school and “follows” them. If you’re looking at 50 schools that could be cumbersome, so I’d recommend doing it for the top 5-10 schools you’re REALLY interested in. The other benefit to following the school through social media, is it gives you an idea of what it’s like at these schools, and if you can picture yourself there.

Also, if you’re SINCERELY interested in the school, request information from the academic side of the school. Reach out to the department head of the academic program you’re interested, ask questions, request more information, and “introduce” yourself to them. A lot of the schools that I was interested in were small, and I was told on a school visit the admissions, departments and the coaches would be shooting emails back and forth.