If you want to play volleyball in college, it’s never too early (or late) to start your recruiting process. This Recruiting 101 Email Series is your guide. Every month you’ll get expert advice, helpful timelines, and tips about exclusive recruiting tools you get as a SoCal VBC member. Your future is in your hands—let’s get started!

This Month: Making Your List

As a recruit your first biggest challenge will be narrowing down your school list. There are over 1600 college volleyball programs in the US, each with unique campuses, majors, scholarships, and characteristics that’ll shape your college experience. Before you research a single school, write down your ideal university experience. What academic programs are you involved in? What kind of job prospects and resources does your school give you after graduation? What’s student-life like? Is it a small or large student body? Is it close to home (far away as possible)? Don’t even think about volleyball yet (that’s later in the series) — you gotta love the school first.  

Now that you’ve set your criteria, visit our College Search Map (https://sandiego.socalvbc.com/college-search). We’ve given you access to every college program in the US, in an easy to filter map. Use this tool to find school websites, and write down (at least) 10 schools that match your criteria. This is the start of your list, keep reviewing and shaping your list over the next month. 

Now you can narrow down your search based on lots of criteria outside of location.  Just look at all the information available:

Did you know?

Types of College Programs & Scholarships

Here’s a recap of the types of programs and scholarships available. There are over 10,000 scholarships available in women’s volleyball. MORE
SoCal College Recruiting Knowledgebase

Straight from the Coach’s Mouth

“If you can do something athletically that sets you apart from the other 100s of players contacting me…tell me in the subject of your email.  If you can touch 10′, that should be your lead-in.”  Deitre Collins-Parker – Head Coach – San Diego State University

The message here is to cut through the clutter and make sure that the coach at the program you want to play at  knows your are special.  If you have some special capability, you need to tell them and show them.
Professional College Recruiting Videos

Recruiting Timeline – You Should Be Doing This

Freshman – Researching 2-3 schools per week.
Sophmore – Film your highlights tape.
Junior – Find camps to attend.
Senior – Make visits.
SoCal College Recruiting Timeline

Have you heard of…

There are so many schools you’ve never heard of.  Here’s one, Radford University…a D1 school in Virginia. 

Radford University

P.O. Box 6913, Radford, VA, 24142

Coach: Marci Jenkins | [email protected] | Phone: 540-831-5879 | Public School | Highlanders | In-state Tuition: $11500 | Out-of-state Tuition: $24000 | Academic Rigor: 4 | School Website: http://www.runet.edu | School Phone: 540-831-5000 | Conference: Big South | Link to website.

Complete SoCal College Recruiting Map

That’s it for this month

We do not know of any program in our region providing this type of access.  Need some help getting started? Contact me and I’ll be sure put you on the right track.

See you in the gym!!!

Aimee Asebroek

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