In some places tryouts may be an intimidating event. Not at SoCal Volleyball Club! Here tryouts are a fun, low-stress time where your daughter highlights her skills. You and she will be welcomed with smiling faces and a little motown on the stereo. Families often say they love our club’s vibe – that it feels good to be here, and Travel Team Tryouts are no exception! Even if you’re unsure your daughter’s ready to play in the Travel Program, I recommend she attends tryouts anyway. It’s hours of great training led by me and the kind and inspiring SoCal Coaching Team.  We’ll have a whole host of awesome coaches to implement drills, run and organize the courts, and evaluate the players.

What is the Travel Program?

The Travel Program is three tiers of our most committed and competitive teams that play in Southern California Volleyball Association (SCVA) tournaments. As the USA Volleyball affiliate in our region, the SCVA is located at the American Sports Center (ASC) in Anaheim (Fun Fact: It’s also where our men and women’s USA National team train!). Most SCVA tournaments are held at ASC’s 36 court facility, as well as other facilities in the Orange County area. Here is a link to this year’s tentative tournament schedule, the SCVA releases tournament locations two to three days before the tournament.

The Travel Program’s three tiers are: Regional Teams, National Teams, and National+ Teams. For a clear, side-by-side comparison of these programs, and all of our Girls Teams see our Program Comparison Chart here.

How do we choose players for the Travel Program?

The drivers for joining the Travel Program varies by player ⏤ ranging from highly-competitive college scholarship bound to an extracurricular activity that teaches life lessons. While these motivators are not mutually exclusive, each SoCal VBC player is on different points on the spectrum. So we form teams that match player’s skills and goals, starting with the most competitive teams first. The final deciding factors in roster decisions are: (1) Will your daughter have significant playing time, and (2) will she be appropriately challenged by her coach and teammates.

We will have several coaches evaluating on all courts, and will have all players showcase all skills. We like to see how players respond when challenged with skills they may not be comfortable with.  We are evaluating technique, effort, attitude and general athleticism.  For a large part of tryouts, the girls will be playing the game of volleyball so that we can see how they manage game-like situations.

We form teams as quickly as possible starting with the top team in each age group.  We’ll talk with your daughter about what she wants out of the season, and how we see her fitting on her team.

You may not agree with your daughter’s team assignment, if you stick with us though, you’ll see she’s in a place where she’ll thrive.

How many tryouts should my daughter really attend?

We’d love for her to attend every tryout, because seeing her more helps us get a better assessment. Life happens though, so if she can only make one ⏤ that’s OK!  Just let us know you’re interested and we’ll work hard to match her with a team.  If she can only attend one tryout, it should probably be the first one, because we form teams as soon as possible.  If you’re concerned about the number of tryouts you can come to, give us a call.

Here’s to you and another awesome season!  Don’t be nervous– remember, it’s JUST volleyball, and you are awesome.  Life is good – see you tomorrow!