Hi Everybody, Aimee here at SoCal VBC with all the news and updates from the club!

Happy Valentines Day!

12-Alli finished 3-0, 13-JT finished 3-0, 15-Aimee went 3-0, 18-Grady went 3-0, and 14-Kerena finished 3-0. Also, 18-Craig/Andrea finished in first place, 16-Dave went 2-1, 14-Lasi&Titi went 2-1, 14-Carissa finished 2-1, and 15-Alli finished 2-1 this past weekend. Such amazing results! The Las Vegas Classic is this upcoming weekend. Please make sure to download the AES app to find your schedule, and register for the Unsigned Senior Showcase on Friday. Be sure to join our google classroom, Recruiting 101, and log into your My SoCal account.

Las Vegas Classic: Check your groupme for your starting schedule

Recruiting 101: google classroom and how to guide on the process. Join code: udriiz

Sports Performance Program: Plyometrics, injury prevention, and jump training

Boys Middle School Boys Winter Ball: Practicing twice a week on Thursdays and Fridays. Spaces still available!

SoCal Sand: Get extra reps on the sand! SoCal Sand Spring schedule coming soon.