Hi there,
Just like the teams, we are continually looking for ways to get better and better here at the gym and man, have we been busy.  Here are a few things for you to go look at.

New Website Design
The new designs at the San Diego Site and the Store Site were completely driven by feedback we received and by reviewing the way you use the site.  One of the biggest changes is that they are both mobile friendly since a majority of our traffic comes from mobile devices.
San Diego Website

SoCal Athletics Store

There’s lots of ways to get information including our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds. We recognize you are a busy family so, just like the calendar on you refrigerator, we’ve moved all of our events into a calendar format to make it easier to see your month at a glance. Every calendar event has the what, where, when and how much that helps keep you organized and informed.

Here’s the calendar for the upcoming Fall Ball Evaluations:

Your feedback on these updates is greatly appreciated so feel free to get back to me with any question or additions you’d like to see.

See you in the gym…or online.