Monday is chest day, Tuesday is leg day, Wednesday is arm day… and so on.
I know this might not be exact for all of you, but you get the gist. Where’s the variety?
Some of you might be thinking, “I am starting to get bored and would like change.” I know I have thought that before when exercising.

So REALLY, are doing the same workouts on a weekly basis going to help you reach your goals?
Now, I am not talking about doing the same workouts on a weekly basis for the rest of your lives. That’d be insane! But what I’m proposing here is that doing the same workouts for a month or two won’t hurt, it actually has a lot of benefits!
A 4-week program of workouts that build on each other WILL help you reach your goals.
Now I bet you are probably asking yourself, “uh huh, okay…well why?” Well let me show you!

Here are 3 reasons that doing the same workouts on specific days for 4 weeks is beneficial:
1 – Organized and Focused Workouts
First off, as your coach, I want the best from each of you! I know you have what it takes to reach your goals and all you need is some guided coaching.
When workouts are organized and focused, I get the opportunity to watch each of you.
This way I can coach you to go harder (or softer if needed), to make corrections, and to help you not get injured.
I can coach each of you to push yourselves individually, or as a team, which keeps you getting the results you’re looking for!
Let’s face it… if everyone is doing something different; can I really push each of you equally to maximize your workout?

2 – Progress is Achieved Through Recording Weights Lifted
I love seeing someone reach their goal of lifting a certain amount of weight or simply feeling stronger.
I remember the first time I bench pressed 225 pounds. That was monumental for me! That was 2 plates on each side. It was a huge benchmark. (My next benchmark is 3 plates on each side, but that’s another story).
For me to reach that benchmark, I had to go through a structured program. I bench-pressed or did exercises similar to it often and recorded those weights.
Recording my weights after each workout session helped me in the process of reaching my goal.
At the start of the next workout, I would look at my notebook and see the weights I lifted last session. I knew where to start my working sets.
Keeping track of the weights you lift will be huge for your own personal progress!
Remember, muscle grows through small but progressively heavier lifts, which can be tracked through a consistent program instead of guessing your weights each session.

Here at Foundation, we want to see you grow in the gym.
We want to help you hit those personal performance goals of doing your first pull up, running your first 5k…
… Or deadlifting over 300 pounds or even bench-pressing 225 pounds!
This is why we do what we do!

3 – Develops Efficiency and Improves Confidence

I had the amazing opportunity to train high school athletes when I was in high school! Wow! It was a ton of fun, but also stressful.
Some of these kids had never done a squat in their life, let alone touched any weights before.
And it was my responsibility to show them the correct form and technique, so that they could lift weights without hurting themselves and maximize performance.
We had them do squats weekly and as they improved, so did their confidence.
Weights got heavier and they got stronger!

Doing the same exercise often will improve your body’s capability of developing muscle memory and motor control, which in turn will lead to increases in strength.
And of course, who doesn’t want to get stronger? I know I do!
Getting stronger and being able to do the exercises correctly, without getting injured, will build your confidence and that will flow into your daily lives.

So…. while the essential lifts will be the same during a 4-week program, we will continue to make tweaks to those workouts every week.

I hope that you see the importance of this!! We want you to improve and build better lives!
And let’s be honest. Eventually you are going to be feeling a little like Dory here!