The Sports Performance Program at SoCal has an AMAZING fall schedule line-up with you in mind, and I wanted to personally invite you to get back in the gym starting THIS MONTH!!! We are preparing a full line-up of sports performance/fitness classes for every age group (yes, parents, stay tuned on how you can get in the gym too!) Our programs were a huge success this summer, and we want to continue helping you stay in shape, prevent injury and be better balanced athletes! The Accelerated Performance is geared for 6th thrrough 10th graders and will be after school.  The Competitive Performance will be on Saturdays to enhance the high school athlete and offer the flexibility of a weekend workout. We are offering a DISCOUNT for those of you that sign up before August 25th!!! So don’t wait! Coupon Code: fallfitness17

Accelerated Performance

For the Competitive, Spirited Athlete. Scheduled and devised to complement your Fall Ball (or any other program/sport for that matter) experience, this class is one hour long and will include strength, conditioning, and jump training. We will make sure to have LOTS of fun while working hard to improve strength, endurance, balance, foot speed, jump ability and flexibility!! **(Available for ISPE credit)

Competitive Performance

For the Willful, Determined Competitor. Designed for any High School Athlete that wants to avoid injury, stay balanced, strong and stay ahead of the game. Sign up for Saturday mornings during the fall. The class concentrates on core strength, shoulder and knee stability, balance and power.