School is back in session and high school season has kicked into gear during this time of year, but that doesn’t mean you stop working on getting recruited. There are many things you could be doing to get yourself on track to being seen.

First of which is film, film, and more film. High school season is a great way to get more highlights of yourself, and get your reel updated and out to coaches. Make sure to mention which number jersey you’re in, and that it is most likely different than your club number.

September 1st of Junior year marks the first day DI and DII coaches can send you personalized letters and emails. Continue to communicate with schools that you are interested in.

Remember: coaches want to see you develop and continue to succeed no matter what team you are on, whether it is high school or club!

Did you know?

When do I register for the NCAA Eligibility Center?

You should register with the NCAA Eligibility Center at the beginning of your sophomore year in high school. You will want to make sure you are on track to graduate on time and meet the NCAA’s required initial-eligibility standards.

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Straight from the Coach’s Mouth

“We always like to have a little video. We’ve never taken anybody onto our program based on video alone, but it’s honestly a good way for us to see them and make that initial evaluation. And then, you need to have stats like vertical touch or block touch, or things like that, because it gives us an idea of how high you jump. For those people, we see them on film, we’re in contact, and we’re in a deep conversation with them. Then, we’ll go out and watch them play.

For Division II, we’re at a real advantage, because we can bring a recruit in for tryouts, so basically they can come in and practice with our team and we can get an evaluation of them in our gym, using our techniques, in our system. For them, they can see how we run practice, they can see the level of play in our gym, they can see our facilities, they can kind of live life as a UAFS Lady Lion for a day. That really helps us get a sure idea of what the player can do.

The last thing they do with us is that tryout or that practice, so we can see what we need to see in a more controlled environment.” – Assistant Coach Tyler Kanelos, The University of Arkansas-Fort Smith

Types of College Programs and Scholarships

Recruiting Timeline – You Should Be Doing This

Freshman – Send introduction letters to coaches.
Sophomore – Get an evaluation of your skills tape.
Junior – Continue to call, email, send letters to coaches.
Senior – Apply to the schools- applications.

*Remember that the coaches are deep into their season as well, and that you may have to follow-up more often than usual during this time of year.

SoCal College Recruiting Timeline

Have you heard of…

There are so many schools you’ve never heard of.  Here’s one, University of Chicago…a DIII school in Illinois.

University of Chicago

5530 South Ellis Ave., Chicago, IL, 60637

Coach: Sharon Dingman | [email protected] | Phone: 773-702-5145 | Private School | Maroons | In-state Tuition: $50000 | Out-of-state Tuition: NA | Academic Rigor: 1 | School Website: | School Phone: 773-702-1234 | Conference: University Athletic Association

Link to website.
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That’s it for this month

We do not know of any program in our region providing this type of access.  Need some help getting started? Contact me and I’ll be sure put you on the right track.

See you in the gym!!!

Aimee Asebroek