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HS-Tyler/Morgan Local

Tyler Branson-White
Tyler Branson-WhiteHead Coach
Morgan Limon
Morgan LimonHead Coach

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Saturday, Feb. 10th

12-Lasi/Chloe – Epic, 7:30am – 3rd Seed
14-Aimee – Laguna Beach, 8am – 2nd Seed (Bus)
14-Kerena – Momentous, 8am – 1st Seed
14-Megan – Momentous, 8am – 4th Seed
14-Serena – ASC, 8am – 2nd Seed

Sunday, Feb. 11th

16-Tyler – Epic, 1:30pm – 2nd Seed
16-Morgan – Epic, 1:30pm – 4th Seed
15-Aimee – Next Level, 8am – 2nd Seed
15-Tanner – ASC, 8am – 2nd Seed
15-Iona – ASC, 8am – 2nd Seed

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  Jersey # Player Name Position
  Natalie Baumbach  
  Dawn Calderon  
  Mayah Carlton  
  Caitlyn Galliher  
  Lyla Killion  
  Alexa Lee  
  Celeste Magosin  
     Courtney Palmer  
     Hailey Particelli  
     Serra Samikoglu  
     Eliza Stoddard  
  Lane Wescoat  
  Macy Yingst  
  Paige Zepeda  

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