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14-Jose Local

Jose Munoz
Jose MunozHead Coach

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Saturday, Feb. 10th

12-Lasi/Chloe – Epic, 7:30am – 3rd Seed
14-Aimee – Laguna Beach, 8am – 2nd Seed (Bus)
14-Kerena – Momentous, 8am – 1st Seed
14-Megan – Momentous, 8am – 4th Seed
14-Serena – ASC, 8am – 2nd Seed

Sunday, Feb. 11th

16-Tyler – Epic, 1:30pm – 2nd Seed
16-Morgan – Epic, 1:30pm – 4th Seed
15-Aimee – Next Level, 8am – 2nd Seed
15-Tanner – ASC, 8am – 2nd Seed
15-Iona – ASC, 8am – 2nd Seed

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  Jersey # Player Name Position
  Lexi Benyo  
  Griffin Chaffin-Quiray  
  Ashlynn Craven  
  Chloe Fermin  
  Sara Latimer  
  Ava MacMillan  
  Natalie Matzuka  
  Evelyn Powell  
     Yvette Ramos  
     Charlie Walsh  

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