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16-Jason National

Jason Sebastian
Jason SebastianHead Coach
Assistant Coach: Alessandra Romero

Practice Schedule

Tuesday, 7:30/Thursday, 7:30/Sunday, TBA

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Girls’ 2017-2018 Schedule
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Upcoming Tournaments

Saturday, Jan. 20th

13-Dave – Momentous, 8am – 1 Seed
13-JT – Laguna Beach, 8am – 3 Seed

Sunday, Jan. 21st

12-Jose – Epic, 7:30am – 2 Seed
12-Lasi/Chloe – Epic, 7:30am – 4 Seed
14-Aimee – A.I.M., 8am – 3 Seed
14-Megan – ASC, 8am – 1 Seed
14-Kerena – A.I.M.,  8am – 4 Seed
16-Serena – El Camino College, 8am – 1 Seed

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Jersey # Player Name Position High School Grad Year
Harlie Blackstone  3  Harlie Blackstone  OH/Opp  Rancho Buena Vista  2020
Bella Martinez  10  Bella Martinez  Oh/Opp  Mission Hills  2020
 Corryn Newman-Boulle  6  Corryn Newman-Boulle  S/Opp  San Dieguito Academy  2020
Jessica Palmer  5  Jessica Palmer  M  Rancho Buena Vista  2020
Chloe Prajzner  17  Chloe Prajzner  DS/L  San Marcos  2020
Alyssa Rodriguez  24  Alyssa Rodriguez  DS/L  Rancho Buena Vista  2020
Tessie Sahota  8  Tessie Sahota  OH/Opp  San Marcos  2020
McKenzie Severson  12  McKenzie Severson  M  Tri City Christian  2020
Lola Tanner  4  Lola Tanner  OH  Vista  2020
Kennedy Tidd  14  Kennedy Tidd  OH  San Marcos  2020
Sarah Vittitoe  2  Sarah Vittitoe  M  Carlsbad  2020
Karina Wilson  21  Karina Wilson  S  San Marcos  2020

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