What it Really Takes

(psst… don’t forget to click on the final link for a very informative infographic that shows what it really takes to reach certain body fat percentages)

Many new clients come through our doors have great goals and often want to be like some of our current members such as:

Copyright Gregory CainBecoming a collegiate athlete like Andrew (UCSD baseball player) 





1554604_681198868598850_1759423461_nOvercoming injuries and getting stronger like Carl (a.k.a. Super Carl, who can
deadlift 440 lbs at age 73 with a knee replacement!)







Lose weight and change their lives like Maged, who lost over 100 pounds!

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They often see our clients and quickly decide who they want to be like. That is awesome, inspiring, and certainly the first step. However, the two things that new clients often underestimate are #1 how long it will take to reach their goals and #2 how much work it will take!

We have many inspiring clients today that are doing amazing things, some not previously mentioned above include:

Siever – Preparing for fire-academy by decreasing his mile time and breaking his lifting records!
Dr. Jaime – Power lifter extraordinaire: Rickshaw Deadlifts 505, Squats 425, Bench Presses 330!
Uwe – Regularly traverses unmarked hiking trails and rough terrain including some to high elevation destinations. He regularly states that his strength gains here sustain him for this activity.
Chaliz – With a very limited strength background is shattering all of the girl’s records and even setting the lifting mark for some of our newer men members ?
Josh – Since beginning with us this Summer, about 3.5 months ago, has lost over 30 pounds and is gearing up for his military testing.
Jordan – Our high school volleyball player has improved her vertical jumping power and height helping her make Varsity at her school.
Eric – Our sophomore in high school, who is making easy work of our 255 lbs tractor tire.
Brian – Our former cross-fitter, who is improving his squat technique and depth that was easily overlooked during his year at his past gym.

There are plenty more examples, but the point is that most of the members that new clients look up to have been here with us for years and have put in the hard work! Sure they make it look easy now, but it wasn’t always that way. We have all started where you are, they just didn’t give up or come up with excuses not to go, when things got tough! Anyone can do it, you just have to be smart about your training, put in the time, and work hard. There’s your formula! If you are ready to see and feel the difference for yourself schedule your 1st free appointment by clicking here. Or if it has just been a while, maybe it is time to schedule your again to get back on track! For those looking for changes in their body click here a very informative infographic that explains nutritionally “what it really takes.”