• 100000111_largeYou will do and be what is last in your mind.
  • Each moment prepares you for the moment ahead.
  • Leave anything behind that doesn’t serve the next moment.
  • Take with you what made the last moment successful and keep adding not subtracting!

Competing is a journey of the “self” in that you have to managing yourself and keep yourself performing at the best you can offer moment to moment regardless if you are struggling or playing great…always keeping your goals and your team’s goals at the forefront. Everyone needs that from everyone!

All you can do and should do is keep going after it! Anything else is a distraction and off the point. And if you can manage to have fun doing that…that’s what it means to fully compete 🙂

Pressure steals our joy. When we battle and fail we still feel our dignity! When we battle and win we get fuller. We do this because we agree to be challenged!! We sometimes forget that the journey is in the process. We have 2 choices: enjoy the struggle or suffer through it. Because we know one thing is for sure!!! We will be challenged on every level as long as we choose to play sports!!

Let’s plan to go hard and stay in the battle. The rewards are there waiting if we dare!!