We are proud to promote and prioritize “family” as a cornerstone of everything we do at SoCal.  Scott started this club in 2003 for his daughter Megan, and soon enough younger sister Hannah jumped in too.  Then my little sister, Cassidy and a host of other young ladies who are family to us, came to play also!  Since 2004, sets of sisters have been rockin’ the SoCal courts.  We’ve had twins, fraternal and identical, step-sisters, coaches’ sisters, coaches that have come back to coach their sisters, coaches that coach their daughters – lots of incredible sister mentoring within these walls.  What’s better than getting to play the sport you love alongside your sister?  Or heck, even someone that is older than you, that you just admire and look up to?  Not to mention, many of our most committed, passionate young women, have come BACK to SoCal to coach and mentor.  Our very own Alli Davidson, who runs our FutureStars program, and coaches traveling teams for us, played in the program for 7 years.  I coached her as a 7th grader, and then again as a sophomore.  Any chance she had, she would volunteer her time at camps, clinics, as an assistant coach and giving private lessons to younger players.  The sport gave SO much to Alli, but now, she gives back to the sport tenfold.  She opens up her heart to so many young girls and is a beautiful example of a true blue SoCal Sister.

In honor of former players turned coaches like Alli, SoCal is proud to announce our new mentoring program, SoCal Sisters.  The program serves a few different purposes.  First and foremost, I remember what it was like to be a 12 year old girl and have other young women that I looked up to and wanted to be like.  We have so many wonderful young ladies in our program that have so much to give.  They are excellent students and great athletes.  They are kindness and community driven.  They are artists, singers, dancers, movers and shakers.  They want to give their time to helping people younger than them.  This program is for you!  Also, you need community service hours for college.  Since we are a 501(c)(3) non-profit, you can use your time volunteering to get those hours and we’ll happily sign off on your time here.  Lastly, there is no more redeeming or important job than teaching!  We would love to fast track the people in our club that are the most passionate about teaching and changing lives into a potential career in coaching.  We already have some of our high school aged players, Mary Holmberg, Titi Faleumu, Kiana Velasco, Vanessa Duran and Emma Doherty, giving back by assistant coaching teams, and coaching with our FutureStars program.  They are making a big difference in the lives of young, impressionable girls and for that we are extremely grateful.

If you’d like to be a SoCal Sister, you can let me know anytime in your team’s GroupMe and we’ll add you to our growing list.  We are building a network of people that we think would make excellent coaches and great big sisters.  We are looking for mentors in our local program and on younger travel teams, helpers for FutureStars, coaches for Spring break and summer camps, and more.  We are incredibly proud to have players that are raised in the SoCal family, who come back and change lives here daily.  Shout-out to Coach Alli, Coach Angel, Coach Carissa, and Coach Kerena, some of our favorite OG SoCal Sisters! #BeKind, and join us today.